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Life Magnetic:

It's the EP that wouldn't get finished. But now that it's done I feel like it's time to move on with life.


This album is a combination of some songs that wrote themselves and some that almost got erased.

“Robots” represents how I felt witnessing the rioting and destruction during the summer of 2020. It's also about people who live their lives trying to control others and never finding happiness.

“Western Sky” is simply the result of wanting to have fun with music again and writing something that could be in the background of an old western.


“I think She Loves Me” is just more fun in the style of "Mrs Robinson" but more like the Lemonheads version.

"Evangeline" is the thought that I love writing songs with girls names in the title and after hearing Matthew Sweet's "Evangeline," I had to write my own. His album Girlfriend is a long time favorite and I love the reckless spirit of that record.


I hope there are some memorable songs on this record and that the point comes across that it's ok to have fun when writing and making music.

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Embrace Everything:

It might be an alt-indie rock-country-ballad-pop EP ….

I think a better description is it's a “self produced, organic, singer / songwriter personal statement, with unique guitar playing that has a real and unaffected vibe.” (Ok it's impossible to be unaffected as a guitar player but still trying.)

In all honesty this record started out as an attempt to showcase the current state of my playing but I couldn't help but try and turn it into something with some (hopefully) somewhat listenable songs.


This album is also a culmination of pain, happiness, anger, depression, self discovery, the things we go through on our sometimes rocky paths in life.

The first song “Broken” means the most to me of all five and it of course came from the scar of love and loss, something I'm sure we can all relate to.

“Thrown Clear” came from that conversation you have with someone you've needed to clear the air with for years - and you finally do it but in an absolutely horrible way.

“After Colorado” was written about always thinking things will be better somewhere else and finally realizing that you make the most of wherever you are right here and now.


I know these songs are all somewhat different in their styles and approach – but I have always written that way and I didn't want to force them into the same mold. I have always like the classic albums that contain songs with different styles – and I just wanted these songs to be what they are.

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Layer Cake:

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